Covid-19 Statement from The Chocolate Sanctuary

We Are Committeed To Your Safety
and Experience at The Chocolate Sanctuary

As we embark on the next phase of navigating COVID-19, we are pleased to welcome guests back without a mandatory mask or face covering…it’s great to see you! While we know much progress has been made, we want you to be confident in our steps to continue to provide providing a clean and safe dining environment.


Health & Safety Commitment from
The Chocolate Sanctuary

  • TCS will assure that any associate that may have contracted COVID-19, shows symptoms of COVID-19, or has been in contact with a person or facility with COVID-19 will not be allowed to work and will undergo a quarantine.
  • TCS will provide face masks to any associate who may choose to wear one.
  • TCS will maintain a clean and sanitary workspace for all associates and guests.
  • TCS will implement additional staff for active cleaning and sanitation.
  • TCS will provide hand washing and sanitation areas and equipment to all associates, as well as guidelines in proper hand washing and sanitation techniques.
  • TCS will provide and maintain hand washing and sanitation stations for guests.

Here’s What We Expect From You, Our Valued Guests

We appreciate your support in keeping our employees, our guests, and our community safe and healthy by following these guidelines.

Reservations Strongly Suggested

Even though our capacity has increased, we highly recommend you book a reservation to dine at TCS. We will do our best to accommodate everyone while still maintaining safe distancing in the restaurant.

Wear a Face Mask – If you’re more comfortable

We understand people have personal comfort levels with wearing or not wearing a face covering or mask. We no longer require guests to wear one. However, if you prefer to wear one while entering TCS or moving about, please, make yourself at home and wear it as you see fit. We will continue to follow all recommendations from the CDC as they are issued.